I am delighted to hear that this music is assisting others in clearing. I started writing music with precisely that aim in order to facilitate my own "evolutionary" process in assisting with the paradigm shift that so many of us on the planet are here to facilitate..

I'm a psychiatrist by training so I am fascinated by the healing properties of sound which I think are reflected in the mathematics. I stopped practicing about 10 years ago (when I returned from a long stay in Tibet and Nepal) and realized it would be a lot easier to make my living investing, which is what I still do. The music is a 'hobby' which has taken over. Along the way I noticed that with music I could let go of lots of baggage without stepping into my own pools of resistance that the brain often puts up. And I am somebody who usually chooses to do things the fastest and easiest way possible!
I also love exploring the different mindscapes of sound using mathematics. especially the fibonacci numbers. I work with a number of "energy" healers, who give me a lot of feedback on how they see my music affecting bodies. which in turn I incorporate into the next piece.

So you see I make this music primarily to facilitate my evolutionary journey, but I enjoy it even more when its helpful to others. If it has been helpful at all please let me know.

E-mail lucid@elucida.com

Mary Beth Ackerley March 2001 .