Beat of the Borgue .mp3

Are you dancing to the beat of the Borgue?
Are you standing with one foot inside the morgue?

Ohhh have you heard the news?
The Borgue's stealing your juice

And now it's singing you a... lullaby
your'e so asleep you won't be... asking why

Am I sleeping
Am I sleeping...

Is it holding you so tight and in it's grip
That it keeps you busy running fear and worried sick?

The Borgue's stealing your soul
You've lost your rock and roll

So now you're lying there so... wide awake
Tossing and turning with fears... you can't shake

Your head is burning
What are you learning?

Are you running fear in all that you do?
And does living have so little meaning for you?

You haven't got a clue
The Borgue's hooked into you

Why are you feeling so much...emptiness
The Borgue has got you into...such a mess

Your mind is burning

What are you learning