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Here's what I felt with the latest two tunes. . . quality is vastly improved, by the way, with the RealAudio over the QuickTime.....

Felt like it had lifted out the non-physical portionof me from the body and was specifically addressing that part only. I felt like that part of me was being spoken to directly. Couldn't feel my body. Felt like I didn't have a body. A 30-minute recording of itshould be a wonderful journeying tool. Now also available on tape from O Cubed Productions



Felt the energy spirally dancing up around the outside of the spine, shooting 'tracers' off from the spirals at an upward 45 degree angle.... kind of like fireworks. Then it felt like that activity around the spine eventually resulted in a subtle shift in the bones --

they were more noticeable as distinct parts of the internal landscape of the body. It defined the boundaries of the bones more than they'd ever been before. I had an awareness of 'bones' being in my body and separate from all the other parts of the body. . .Oh, yeah -- while the first tone was downloading, I got a picture ofAtleantan temples with crystalline walls, musical notes and tones beingcreated and mapped and studied within them. I didn't look around sodidn't actually see you there, but felt you must have been tucked awayin a back corner, poring over your charts and notes and exotic synthesizers . . .

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