THis music can be freely copied and burnt to CD. However please consider making a 10 dollar donation to the Tucson Music Theater, a non profit community music organization run by the Schoffs 520 529 7117

Tones of Creation

Anna and Dean Schoff, Mary Ackerley

One of my all time favorites

Healing Light

Anna with Deans's original keyboards, Really soothing

Timeshift Etude

Very beautiful and uplifing

Anna Schoff, Mary Ackerley

Code Initiation

Higher Light Codes, Anna and Mary


(the magnificent toning of fire)

Anna Schoff, Mary Ackerley


Mary, Anna and Dean

Edge_of This Universe

Very mind expanding. Don't listen while driving. Mary Ackerley, 2001

InterDimensional Trance

The "Aquaporin or water channel" DNA song. Instrumental only, great for adding your own tones )

  • (see Polyptides for more information)