A powerful restructuring of the magnetic grid of the human body, which

facilitates release and clearing of specific pockets of repression,

denial, their originating trauma, and the resulting belief structures

which support them.

What is the magnetic grid?

The magnetic grid of the human body is the energetic organizational

system which governs the emotions and works with the feminine principle

and process of creation and manifestation.

Whenever we experience a particular emotion and allow its free

expression, the body flows the emotion along this magnetic grid. The

emotion then releases its information to the body, thus triggering

appropriate hormonal responses and their resultant behaviors.

Emotions which we repress or deny, however, are seen as exceedingly

toxic to the body, so the body seeks to shove them into protective

pockets or pouches, and 'sticks' these pockets onto hiding places within

the magnetic grid. Any thoughtforms or belief structures which support

or created that denied emotion serve as energetic cords which further

tie this pouch onto the grid.

These pockets of repression and denial and their supporting belief

structures are the toxic saboteurs which interfere with your soul's

ability to manifest everything in your life, in exactly the way you so

deeply desire. The soul has great difficulty penetrating and

expressing its power and purpose through an energy field which holds

large numbers of these pockets of denial and their attached belief


Transformational Gridwork begins the process of identifying and removing

these impediments, so the full expression of your soul's spirit, joy,

talents and purpose here on Earth, can begin to manifest, now.

This is very deep, transformational work. It does not shift things at

just a surface level; it can truly re-structure your life from the core

level, out. I work with a group of internal spiritual teachers who are

seeking to re-define the magnetics of the human body at this time. This

restructuring of the magnetic grid of the body is necessary now because

the Earth herself is undergoing massive change in her magnetics. The

human body's magnetic grid must be shifted accordingly to ensure its

ability to continue to survive on the future transformed planet Earth,

comfortably and at higher levels of expression and being. As Earth

'goes into session' and shifts her magnetic grids, the result is the

shaking and quaking which we see in such earth changes as earthquakes,

hurricanes and severe weather patterns. The results of a session of

magnetic gridwork on the human body can be much the same. Before

engaging this work for yourself, please be sure that you truly desire

and are willing to work to achieve genuine, deep change in your life.

For further information on

Transformational Gridwork, contact:

Kevin Riddle

2343 Goldsmith
Houston, Texas 77030